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Vilnius International Airport (VNO) (Rodūnios road 10A) is the largest civil airport in Lithuania and is located 6 km south of the city centre. The following airlines operate to and from Vilnius International Airport:

Transfers from Vilnius airport to Vilnius centre

 By bus:

  • Bus No. 1 goes from the airport (Lithuanian: Oro uostas) to the “Station” (the final stop “Stotis”), i.e. to both central railway station and central bus station, which are located almost next to each other. 
  • Bus No. 2 goes from the airport to the Station from the eastern side.
  • Bus No. 88 goes from the airport to the City Business Centre (Konstitucijos avenue, Europa square).
  • Bus No. 3G goes through the centre (Lukiškės square), business centre (Konstitucijos avenue), continuing on to Fabijoniškės sleeping district. The bus number’s trailing letter “G” on a green background stands for “Greitasis” which means “Express bus”. It stops at all relevant bus stops in the centre, while skipping some stops before and after the city centre.


Bus times are available at bus stops or on the website

Transport tickets:

SINGLE TICKET. On board you may buy a single ticket from the driver. Its price without a discount is EUR 1. The ticket will be valid up to the last stop of the route.

VILNIEČIO CARD. If you plan to spend more time in Vilnius, we recommend buying Vilniečio Card and top it up with e-tickets or money. Vilniečio Card, which costs EUR 15, is available at Narvesen store located in the airport (Arrival A or Departure), in the city – in all the venues marked by sign Vilniečio Card. You may top up your Vilniečio Card with a desired amount right away. When on board touch a yellow composter with the card and the activated ticket will become valid.

If you arrive to Vilnius for short stay, the following public transportation tickets are recommended:

  • Vilniečio Card – EUR 1.50. 
  • 30 min. ticket – EUR 0.65. 
  • 60 min. ticket – EUR 0.90. 
  • 1-day ticket – EUR 5.00. 
  • 3-day ticket – EUR 8.00.
  • 5-day ticket – EUR 12.00. 
  • 10-day ticket – EUR 15.00.

The prices are quoted without concessions. For special rates applicable to students, pensioners and disabled, inquire at ticket outlets or visit the website of Vilnius public transportation at:

MOBILE APPLICATION. You may pay for tickets and plan a journey using a trafi application – this is especially convenient and simple. It is important to have an internet connection. Using this application, you may acquire the desired quantity of tickets you need, therefore you will be able to purchase and activate a ticket for both, yourself and the passenger travelling with you.

Night buses 88N:

If your scheduled flight is operated late at night or early in the morning, we recommend using a night bus 88N, that runs each night on the route Airport–Center–Europa square. 

Bus 88 runs at night from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. 

When taking night bus 88N, we recommend you carry some cash, as only tickets acquired from the driver are valid. Ticket price – EUR 1.

By train:

Special train “Vilnius – Airport” is running regularly from Vilnius railway station. The train shuttles 16 times a day, it takes 7 minutes to arrive to the airport from the railway station. The ticket costs EUR 0.70. It can be purchased online, in the train and at the railway station.

Next to the airport passenger terminal, there is a railway stop, stairs and an elevator for passengers as well as lighting and passenger safety surveillance camera. There is a footway leading from the railway stop to the airport terminal for passengers; the footway has an installed gallery (it is illuminated during the dark time of the day).

 Timetable and tickets:

 By taxi:

 Individual taxi recommendations will be provided later.

Other ways


The company Toks transports passengers from the bus station to Vilnius airport and back by microbuses. Single ticket costs EUR 2. Bus stop is installed next to the airport terminal, near arrival hall C.


Car sharing services

CityBee – Take and Drive!

Car sharing service.
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SPARK is bringing the future transportation to the cities

Electric Vehicle Sharing Service
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Kaunas International Airport (KUN) (Oro uosto street 4, Karmėlava, Kaunas district) is the second busiest civil airport in Lithuania located 100 km to the west of Vilnius. Ryanair airline operates between Kaunas International Airport and Bristol, Cagliari, Dublin, Hahn, London, Moss/Rygge, Paphos, Alicante, Birmingham, Comiso, Edinburgh, Knock, Kos, Malta, Palma de Mallorca, Rhodes, Trapani.

Transfers from Kaunas airport to Vilnius centre:

For your convenience an express bus service runs from Vilnius to Kaunas Airport and from Kaunas Airport to Vilnius. In Vilnius the bus picks up and leaves the passengers at Hotel Panorama, the bus stop at Kaunas Airport is just in front of the passenger terminal. Bus schedule is coordinated with Ryanair flight schedule and serves every flight. You can get tickets at More information available: by e-mail:; by telephone: +370 608 66360.

Another option is to get to Kaunas city first by city bus No. 29 (goes regularly from the airport up to Kaunas railway station in the centre) and then take either train or intercity bus to Vilnius.

Other ways to reach Vilnius (Lithuania)


Trains from major destinations serve Vilnius Railway Station  (Geležinkelio street 16, Vilnius), located just south of the city centre. There are daily train connections with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Minsk. One train per day also goes to Warsaw with a change of train in Kaunas and Šestokai, near the border. Train schedules are available HERE.


Motorways connect Vilnius with Klaipėda, Kaunas and Panevėžys. The speed limit is 130 kph on the motorways, 100 kph on Vilnius-Kaunas sector, 90 kph outside towns and 50 kph in town.


Vilnius Bus Station  (Sodų street 22, Vilnius) is located across the street from the main railway station. A schedule of all regional buses is posted near the ticket window. Eurolines and Ecolines operate service between Vilnius and Kaunas, Kaliningrad, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, and Warsaw, with further connections all over Europe.

More information about travelling to Lithuania is available here:

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